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Helpful Hints for the Beginner Square Dancer

As a newcomer to square dancing, you undoubtedly have an uneasy feeling about how you should conduct yourself at a square dance class. You possibly wonder if you are going to experience difficulty learning. You may have a dozen other questions about this new activity. Well first, please be assured you have no reason for concern. Square dancing is easy, and you will not have serious difficulty learning. Everyone in the class is a beginner, just as you, starting on the same basis, and you will all learn together. The class will also have experienced square dancers “angels” in the square with you to make the learning easier. (See Guidelines for Angles). The following Hints may make it easier for you to understand a few basics concerning square dancing and your responsibilities to the other couples in your square.

Hint 1


Your instructor will be doing his/her best to help you realize this from the very first night.

Hint 2

Square dancing is a casual activity. You need no formal introduction to those you have not met. There are no strangers among square dancers. Just step right up to anyone and introduce yourself. In square dancing, we are all on a first name basis. It’s friendlier that way!

Wear your name-tag!

Hint 3

Later, you may wish to dress in western attire, but for the lessons, just dress comfortably. Ladies can wear dresses or jeans and flat or low-heeled shoes. Gents wear comfortable slacks or jeans and long-sleeved shirts. Coats are not necessary.

Hint 4

Square dancing is a close-contact activity. Please use good judgment in your choice of jewelry, belt buckles, etc. Sharp or rough edges may scratch or catch on someone’s clothing.

Hint 5

On a very delicate subject, extra physical exercise or possibly the slight nervous tension of learning may cause perspiration. Your use of a deodorant might be advisable to avoid the embarrassment of body odors, which may be offensive to others.

Hint 6

On a personal note, the use of alcoholic beverages just prior to or during a square dance is not permissible.

Hint 7

Gents, remember you have both strength and weight advantage over the ladies and you should always, even in your enthusiasm, be conscious that the ladies do not like to be handled roughly.  Let them enjoy dancing too!

Hint 8

IMPORTANT!  Listen carefully to instructions and be sincere in your efforts to follow the instructions.

Good listeners learn easier.

Hint 9

If during the class you do not understand an instruction, do not hesitate to ask for additional explanation from the caller, not from a dancer in your square.

Hint 10

There is no reason to feel shy or embarrassed. Just listen and follow instructions. Sooner than you think, you will be dancing to the calls.

Hint 11

Square dancing is relaxing. Take it easy! You do not have to work hard at it. You have plenty of time. Enjoy Yourself

Hint 12

Please be on time for every lesson.




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