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YSDC Council Information

Our Council is an educational, non-profit organization for the promotion of Square Dancing, Round Dancing, Contra Dancing, and related folk dance instruction in the Eastern Montana - Northern Wyoming areas. Currently, we have three Square Dance Clubs, one Round Dance Club, and one Contra Dance group located in the Billings area. All of the clubs dance from mid-September to mid-May.

The Yellowstone Square Dance Council got its start in 1952 when dancers and clubs had become so numerous in Billings that coordination and organization were needed.

YSDC clears dates for council and club sponsored square dances, establishes policy in the Billings area, promotes square dancing, and encourages square dance, round dance, and contra dance activities in the area.

A  newsletter, the Grapevine, is published monthly and features articles from each club and upcoming events. In addition, a Facebook page has been created with up-to-date information on all of our dance activities. Look for the Facebook icon at the bottom of any page.


Cedar Hall

Many of the clubs located in Billings now dance at Cedar Hall which is located at  MetraPark Fairgrounds. Cedar Hall was remodeled by the Council in 1985 and features a professional wood dance floor, kitchen, and air conditioning

Officers and Chairpersons


Paul Hendershot


Dave Nelson.JPG

Dave Nelson



Ann Hindley

Grapevine Editor

Marissa Henthorn.jpg

Marissa Henthorn


Terry Drange.JPG

Terry Drange

Treasurer and

Insurance Rep


Lorraine Williams

Improvement Board

Callers and Cuers

Larry and Susan Sperry

Round Dance Cuers – Phases 2 thru 6

Cues for the following club in Billings, MT

Silhouettes Dance Club


Address: 40 Roundup Drive, Billings, Montana  59102


Phone No: (406) 656-1093

Cell No: (406) 670-3210

Lynn Strobel

Square Dance Caller - Mainstream & Plus

Calls for the following club in Miles City, MT and Billings

Prairie Stars Square Dance Club

Plus Night

Website: lynnstrobel.tripod.com

Address: P.O. Box 1278, Miles City, MT  59301

Email:  strobell@midrivers.com

Phone No:  406-234-7384

Cell No.  (406) 951-1088

Bob Hogemark

Square Dance Caller - Mainstream thru A2

Calls for the following clubs in Billings

Checkerboard Squares

Plus Night

A1 Workshop

Email:  bhogemark@pcsd5.org

Phone No.  (406) 633-2571

Hunter Keller

Square Dance Caller: Basic – A2

Round Dance Cuer: Easy – Phase IV

Calls for a variety of clubs in Billings


Website: hunterkeller.com

Phone No.  (406) 690-2640

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