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Modern Square Dancing Is .....


Just Ask Our 2019 Beginner Class


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Square Dancing?

Square dancing is a social activity  where eight people interact through a series of movements as "called" by the square dance caller. It is a healthy, very social and fun activity. Square dancers often say that their recreation is "friendship set to music." The American Square Dance is an important part of our cultural history. Square dancing is good, old-fashioned fun and a lively way to spend time, and there are many benefits to this activity.


Square Dancing is an Americanized version of the medieval court dances of Old England, and of the various folk dances that are part of many European cultures. What has distinguished Square Dancing from most other folk dances is the use of a caller to help direct the steps of the dancers. Typically, groups of couples are arranged around a circle or square shape, with the steps moving them around the circle and back and forth with other partners. A caller has music and a microphone, and directs people through a variety of routines and steps. It's fantastic fun, and as a pastime, Square Dancing offers tons of health benefits. It also can provide social and emotional benefits for the rest of your life.

Why Do People Love to Square Dance?  

Square Dancing is fun! It's great physical and mental exercise. There's a friendly atmosphere at Square Dances, so naturally, Square Dances are a great place to meet people and make new friends. Many people have made life-long friends at square dances. Many married couples first met at a square dance. And cultural background does not make a difference. In fact square dancing breaks down many barriers between cultures.

Is this the Same Kind of Square Dancing that I did in School?

Square dancing is not the same as it was in elementary or middle school. Sure, some of the calls are the same, do-si-do, promenade, circle left, and square through. Many of today’s callers use modern music. Have you square danced to Lady Gaga or Adele songs? Not all of square dancing is twangy country music.


Besides that, you are not in junior high any longer. It may have been a bad experience with a bad teacher. Wipe out those junior high memories and create some new square dancing memories. It’s fun and some of the friendliest people around.

There are several levels of square dancing: Mainstream, Plus, Advanced and Challenge. Calls get more complicated as you move up and more challenging. It keeps you sharp and alert and mentally focused on what’s coming next.

What kind of music will I find at square dances?

Square dancing uses many different types of music, including country and western, rock, jazz, sing-a-longs, and gospel.

Interactive - The dance pattern is directed by a caller. The sequences are generally made up "on the spot". Dancers have to listen to the caller to find out what's next. Callers also have to get a feel for the "mood of the dancers" and respond as required - know when to call something exciting and know when to call something mellower. This two-way interaction truly makes square dancing unique.

I have two left feet when I try to dance. Is Square Dancing different?

Absolutely! Square dancing is considerably different from other types of dancing you may have tried. There is no fancy footwork to contend with. It's more like walking in rhythm and forming patterns with the other dancers. The caller lets you know what move you are to make next.

 Sometimes the pace of the square dance is slow other times it can be quite fast. Throw in some swinging and twirling, and some optional flourishes, and you will have a ball.

How do I Sign-up for  Square Dance Lessons?

You can take the first step in learning to square dance by attending the Beginner Lessons. Lessons are taught either in October or in January. The Lessons Page will be updated to give more information on how to attend and register for the lessons. You won't regret it.

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