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Plus Level Square Dance

Plus Night

Lynn Strobel.jpg

Dances Plus Level

Callers: Lynn Strobel & Bob Hogemark

Cuer: Larry Sperry

Time:  Saturday 7:00 - 9:00 Club Dance

Location: Cedar Hall at MetraPark

Lynn Strobel

Club Caller

Plus Level Dancing

We are getting geared up for the upcoming dance season and look forward to another great year of dancing at the “Plus” level.  For any program to have longevity it is important to have new and additional dancers become part of the group. 

In order to increase the dancers interested in maintaining our Plus program, we could offer Plus lessons if enough Mainstream dancers would like to learn Plus. If you are interested in learning Plus Level let one of the callers know. We are  excited to see all of you that have been a part of the program for the past several years.

Some Changes to our Saturday Night Plus Dancing

Our schedule below does not include all of the Saturday dates. This was done in order to offer a mainstream dance on the 4th Saturday night on October 28, 2023, November 2, 2023, December 2, 2023 ( Caller Christmas Dance), January 27, 2024, February 24 ,2024, March 23, 2024 (Spring Dance), and April 27, 2024, are Mainstream Dances. We hope you will support the entire square dance program.      See Flyer Here


Bob Hogemark

Club Caller

Larry and Susan.jpg

Larry Sperry

Club Cuer

Saturday Night "Plus Level" Square Dancing 7:00 to 9:00

2023-2024 Schedule

Cedar Hall-Billings, Montana

$10.00 per person per dance

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