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Advanced Workshop

Dances: Advanced A1 and A2

Callers:  Bob Hogemark

Time:  Monday 7:00 to 9:00

Location: Cedar Hall at MetraPark


Fall 2021 - 22 Update

The A-1 Workshop started in Jan 2016 will not dance in 2021 or 2022. This decision is due to the continuation of the Covid pandemic and the limited number of dancers available for Advanced square dancing. If the conditions change in the future we will consider offering the workshop again.  The workshop sessions will start from the beginning of the A-1 call list and progress at the dancers pace. Any Plus dancer who wants to learn Advanced is encouraged to attend the first session.

A-1 Workshop Details

Bob Hogemark will be the caller. Bob was the caller for the Challenger Club for many years before it was disbanded in 2012 due to low attendance. The Yellowstone Square Dance Council thought it would be a good time to offer Advanced Square dancing again with lessons offered for new dancers that want to broaden their square dancing experience.

The lesson program will be based on live caller lessons as shown on the schedule. For those dancers that want additional practice, each lesson may  be video taped and then played on the following Mondays that Bob is not calling.

Introduction to Advanced Square Dancing

Advanced dancing is for those who are more serious about the activity, and want to improve their dancing skills beyond what is needed for just a social activity. It’s thinking about dancing in a different way—it’s dancing in a thinking way.

The calls that you learn require more positional awareness (are you a lead? center? who’s your current partner? Where’s the center of the square? Where’s the group of 4 that you’re working with?).

Advanced dancing is a wonderful, free-wheeling form of square dancing that emphasizes the teamwork of eight experienced people executing exciting and somewhat complicated choreography from a broad base of calls in an environment of fun and fellowship.

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